Thanks for stopping in and viewing Spur Strap Miniature Australian Shepherds. We are located in Hermiston, Oregon. Our dogs are selected for structure, genetic soundness, temperament, and type. They have been selected from superior bloodlines. Each mating is thoughtfully planned using only Dogs and Bitches that compliment each other. We have all dogs genetically tested before any matings occur to clear our progeny of genetic defects.

Feel free to hang your hat, take your spurs off and stay awhile. Enjoy visiting our site!
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Recently, AKC has accepted the recognition of a new breed and some breeders have chosen to take their dogs into AKC as the Miniature American Shepherd. We have chosen not to seek AKC recognition, but stay with our past heritage as an Australian Shepherd of the miniature variety. The Miniature Australian Shepherd is still supported by many breeders. There are many show venues as well as the same registries as in the past. The Miniature Australian Shepherd remains the same. Miniature Australian Shepherds can still be registered with MASCA, IMASC, ASDR, NSDR. We choose to register our dogs with MASCA. Show venues include MASCA and it's affiliate clubs, ARBA, ICKC, IABCA, ASDR. Have questions about Miniature Australian Shepherds vs Miniature American Shepherds? Just ask!